It only takes OneMelon to get the best sound.

OneMelon is a new earphone brand that strives to build the best sounding earbuds on the market.

Best technology

Our latest product

OneMelon Waterfall

The OneMelon Waterfall is the best earphone with a wire on the market. Period.

With 4 drivers you experience the best sound on the planet.

The metal design guarantees years of usage


1 year warranty on every OneMelon product.

Best quality

Onemelon loves quality and sustainable products


Find out where you can buy OneMelon products.

24/7 Support

Contact us whenever you want.

Why OneMelon

Best sound

We go for the best sound and the best sound only. We keep fine tuning until we find the perfect sound.

Cool brand

OneMelon is a great brand with a tasty name and a great vision. OneMelon is also growing very rapidly.

Best help

Buy from a reliable company or retailer. OneMelon keeps assisting you both befor, during and after you bought our product.


Get in touch. We are happy to help you!


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OneMelon is a European earphones brand. We and our buyers love great sounding earbuds.