OneMelon Drops

Small size, big performance

The OneMelon Drops wireless bluetooth earbuds are elegantly designed and packed with features. These earbuds have beautiful sound, sleep mode, top-notch noise-cancelling microphones (ENC), and are perfect for music listening, calls, online meetings, and meditation. They are also comfortable for small ears and come with a sleep mode to help you fall asleep while listening to music or podcasts.

Wireless chargingYes
Earbud battery35mAh
Charging case battery250mAh
Battery life27 hours of listening music without a single charge
Earbud size22*22*15mm
Charging case size27.75mm height, 51mm width and depth
Earbud weight3.2 grams
Charging case weight29.9 grams
Charging cableUSB-C (included)

Just in case of any doubts

Incredible specs in both earphones

ANC-25 to -30dB
Drivers6mm multi-layers
Transparency modeEnvironmental sound
Game modeMinimal delay
Sleep modeIdeal for sleeping
Music modeBest for listening music

Style and Technology Combined

Introducing the OneMelon Drops wireless Bluetooth earbuds, the perfect combination of style and technology. With Bluetooth 5.2 and the advanced BT8922E2 chipset, you can enjoy a seamless and stable wireless connection with your devices. The ANC feature provides an impressive noise reduction of -25 to -30dB, while the ENC ensures clear and uninterrupted communication during calls or online meetings. The dynamic drivers, multi-layered 6mm design, and multiple codecs ensure an immersive and high-quality sound experience. With a touch-control feature and wireless charging, the OneMelon Drops earbuds are convenient and user-friendly. The battery life of 6 hours and a total of 27 hours with the charging case makes them perfect for long journeys or daily use. The lightweight and compact design ensures a comfortable fit and easy portability. Don’t miss out on this must-have accessory for music lovers and tech enthusiasts alike!


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